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Brandon Chase Brewster is a golden retriever and Punky's lifelong buddy ever since he was a puppy.


Pre Original Series[]

Not much is known about Brandon's past he was with Punky & her mother Susan before both were abandoned by her due to alcoholism.

Original Series[]

Brandon & Punky were abandoned by Susan in the supermarket parking lot one day he would accompany her to the apartment complex where Henry Warnimont lived at & managed until one day they were both caught by him.

Pre Reboot Series[]

Sometime between Wedding Bells for Brandon & the first episode of the reboot Brandon passes away.

Reboot Series[]

As of the Reboot Punky has a new dog named Brandy who could be a descendant of Brandon.

It's Punky Brewster[]

Brandon like his live action counterpart is owned by Punky & Henry and they along with Alan, Cherie, Glomer, & Margaux go on adventures together.


  • Brandon was portrayed by Sandy throughout the entire original Punky Brewster series.


It's Punky Brewster[]