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Cherie Johnson is Punky's best friend, who lives on the third floor of the apartment building with her grandmother. She is very sarcastic, jokes around a lot, and loves to eat.


Pre Original Series[]

Not much is known about Cherie's past her parents Elizabeth & Ronald were both killed in a car crash in 1981 which forces her to live with her grandmother Betty Johnson.

Original Series[]

Cherie at first helped with hiding Punky & Brandon from her grandmother & Henry Warnimont until eventually they see each other a lot. One day while playing hide & seek she hides in Henry's old refrigerator where she becomes trapped and loses consciousness until both Punky & Margaux remember what Mike taught them in CPR then they revive her & save her life.

Pre Reboot Series[]

Cherie discovers she's a lesbian and meets Lauren, and takes over Fenster Hall inspired by what Punky went through when they were younger.

Reboot Series[]

Cherie still lives the apartment complex in her grandmother's old appartment & still supports Punky especially after divorcing Travis by helping her out with her kids. She tells Punky about Izzy and convincing her to foster her. Cherie later proposes to her girlfriend Lauren as they are engaged to get married. She, Lauren, & Punky fix & upgrade the treehouse that they built when they were younger, & even is present when Izzy goes to court in regards to her mother.


  • Cherie is known as Aunt Cherie to Punky's children.
  • Her name is the same as the actress who portrays her.
  • The first LGBQT character in the series


Original Punky Brewster series[]

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