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"Anyway, your honor. About the name 'Penelope'. I hate it. I'd like to be called 'Punky'."
Punky to the judge hearing her and Henry's custody case (Season 1 Episode 3)

Penelope "Punky" Brewster is a bright, spunky, bubbly girl who wears bright-colored, mismatched clothes and loves to help people. She is the main protagonist of Punky Brewster (series), It's Punky Brewster, & Punky Brewster (reboot). She's portrayed by Soleil Moon Frye in both the original & reboot series in live action, as well as voiced by her in the cartoon series.


Pre Original Series[]

Punky was born to Susan Brewster at some point, her father left her and her mother, & her mother turned to drinking. Punky would help take care of Susan whenever she was drunk.

Original Series[]

When she was eight years old, her mother left her in the car outside a shopping center, one day. Left alone with no one but her faithful golden retriever puppy Brandon by her side, Punky took to carrying people's grocery bags in exchange for money to be able to survive. At nights, she and Brandon stayed in the car, until relocating to an empty second-floor apartment to which they had access via a fire escape. At this point she would be friend Cherie Johnson who would help prevent her from being caught by the building manager, Henry Warnimont.

After a week she was discovered by the building manager Henry, a sixty year-old, grumpy, widowed man, who reluctantly took her in for the night while trying to help her find her mother. She would the focus of a court case in which Henry won to foster her. Punky & Cherie would later end up meeting Allen Anderson & Margaux Kramer in school. Then later on Mike Fulton who met Punky from when she was in Fenster Hall then becoming her teacher. She along with Margaux would learn CPR which came in handy after saving Cherie's life after she was found inside of Henry's old refrigerator. One day things go wrong for Punky as she's placed back in Fenster Hall after Henry loses his first studio to a fire, and he ends up in the hospital. Henry ends up recovering, opens his second studio, & adopts Punky. Once Punky wanted to be a astronaut after seeing the events of the Challenger Explosion which made her sad Mike comes to the rescue & introduces her to one of the astronauts who landed on the moon Buzz Aldrin who talks to her about the junior astronaut program. Punky would later say goodbye to Allen after his parents get divorced, & work for Henry's restaurant who he named after her.

Pre Reboot Series[]

As Punky got older she would fall in love with & marry Travis a musician, give birth to Hannah, as well as adopt Diego, & Daniel. Brandon & Henry both would later die with Henry leaving her the apartment complex, as well as following in Henry's footsteps as a photographer. At some point she and Travis would divorce, get a new golden retriever named Brandy, while keeping in touch with both Cherie & Margaux.

Reboot Series[]

Although now an adult, she never lost her preference for a colorful wardrobe, mismatched shoes, and overall energetic attitude. While trying to get her life back on track, she meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self, and she finds herself reverting back to her days of Punky Power. Still lives at the apartment building that Henry owned left to her by him after his death, one day she gets a call from her mother who she said she would call her back before hanging up on her. She agrees to be Izzy's foster mother while discovering she still has feelings for her ex-husband, reconnecting with her long lost mother, and learning the truth about why Susan abandoned her & Brandon years ago.

It's Punky Brewster[]

One day Punky meets a magical creature named Glomer who either gets her & friends into or out trouble while protecting him from being exposed to Henry by hiding him from him when he is around. Punky goes on different adventures including being turned into a mermaid, and more.


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